Fraud/Threat Detection & Prevention Solutions

Organization must have the means to detect fraud and crime before it costs wasted of money and resources by examining devices for signs of fraud, using a global network of web services. Its advanced device identification technology uses multiple methods to expose the hidden attributes of the user’s device.

Market Leader:

     Silvertail System

    • Silver Tail Systems remain positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of “Gartner Magic Quadrant 2012” till date for Web Fraud Detection, web session Intelligence and behavioral analysis.
    • Provides web session monitoring and behavioral analysis to secure your website, stops fraud, prevents business logic abuse, and detects other malicious activity (IT security threats, fraud, insider threats, business logic abuse and other malicious activity)
    • Silver Tail Systems provides software and SaaS (software-application-as- service) solutions to protect ecommerce, finance and government organizations from cyber-attack, cybercrime, and fraud

Other Partners:


  • The Threat Matrix Cybercrime Defender cloud and client Platform integrates unique technologies to create the most comprehensive online fraud protection and cybercrime prevention solution. The platform provides a unified view of users and devices, backed by global intelligence delivered in one platform from the cloud, it’s the most cost-effective and complete solution.
  • It can be used as a solution for a forensic laboratory investigation, financial institution, Information system firms and others.


     Fraudwatch International

  • Fraud Watch is a specialist company providing Anti-Phishing and Enterprise

Brand Protection services.

  • They provides a comprehensive, proactive Anti-Phishing solution to monitor the Internet for Phishing and provide immediate, prompt responses to take phishing sites down
  • Suitable for financial institution, payment merchants and settlement systems web/mobile prevention and brand protection services.





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