Encrypted Communication services (mobile Encryption, voice encryption, data-in-motion encryption)

There is a need for organization to protect their medium of communication especially for mission critical voice, data and video communication. An encrypted communications service offering a comprehensive suite of simple secure tools for your mobile devices – encrypted video, phone, text and email.

Market Leader:

        Silent Circle:

    • Silent Circle is a global encrypted communications service offering with a comprehensive suite of secure tools for your mobile devices – encrypted video, phone, text and email. For every phone call, text message transmission, email or video chats communication among Silent Circle member, that transmission is secured and encrypted end-to-end from your own iPhone, Android, iPad or computer on the Silent Circle secure network.
    • The solution can used by individual, Military ,Force, Intelligent bureau, government parastatals ,corporate organization and SME’s (even as a replacement for CUG)



    • Gold Lock 3G is a safe, secure and cost-effective tool for encrypting your cellular and VOIP conversations, text messages and file transfers. It offers a triple-layered security scheme that can turn your PC/laptop, Nokia phone or Android device into an encrypted communication device.
    • It is officially licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Defense as one of the most intelligence secured platform of communication.
    • Most suitable for Military, Force, Intelligent bureau and enterprise communication

       Kinetic 6:

    • For organization that needs to conduct Cyber secured VOIP/Data/text message communication services across public networks. Kinetic 6 provides intelligent global communication systems that can defer distance over secure tunnels.

Mostly suitable for multinationals and telecommunication companies.





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