Enterprise Mobile Device Management and BYOD Solution

There is a need for enterprise management,BYOD and security of mobile devices, apps and documents such on Smartphone, Pads and Tablets anywhere, anytime in other to ensure threat prevention, privacy and compliance of enterprises operation.

A secured MDM platform Connects mobile devices to enterprise networks by preventing the risk of data breaches, loss of sensitive customer and company data, and  upholding of government regulatory bodies.

Market Leader:

Mobile Iron

    • The World leading innovator in mobile device management with total secured data-driven architecture for mobile apps, docs and device management
    • Provide end-to-end apps security, and single-system platform scale of 100,000 devices.
    • Most suitable for large enterprise MDM such as multinationals.

Other Partners:


    • An IT Help Desk Solution for SMB that also include an MDM/BYOD an integrated module that allows for storage of Android or iOS mobile devices as assets in one place with all other company assets without compromising security, employee privacy or the mobile experience.
    • Suitable for SMB’S and large enterprise based on the IT service support requirement.

         M@D (Mobile Active Defense):

    • A smartphone security company that provides MECS (Mobile Enterprise Compliance and Security Server) for mobile telecommunication companies.
    • Provides first secure mobile device management platform with comprehensive suite of tools specifically designed with the mobile ecosystem.
    • Suitable for enterprise MDM, Field Services Sales Professionals and Mobile Telephone Networks.


    • Provides enterprise IT system management solutions that include an optional MDM/BYOD as an embedded module.
    • Suitable for SMB organization that seeks to include MDM in their IT infrastructure to manage emails,files,data and applications





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