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Services for physical security, risk management, business process optimization, IT security, and training are provided throughout Africa by WiniGroup.

About WiniGroup

A value-added international security solutions provider, WiniGroup delivers IT security, risk management, business process optimization, physical security and training services across Africa. Headquartered in Nigeria, the company’s unique mission is to make Africa a more secure region in today’s information age.

Our Services

Business Solutions

WiniGroup offers a wide range of IT Business solutions including enterprise process planning to help organizations increase operational efficiencies and maximize growth and profits.

Risk Management

WiniGroup's risk management solutions ensure customers identify exposure to potential and prospective network threats and vulnerabilities through a proactive risk management approach.

IT Security

WiniGroup's IT security solutions allow organizations to identify, evaluate and strengthen the security posture of their network infrastructure through full visibility and understanding of networks and systems.

Our Clients